Country Auto

The payment for creating a new website for Country Auto is a total of $150.There is a charge of $25 a year to continue with the site’s maintenance.

In order to make the development of the site affordable, I’ve created two PayPal buttons:

  1. $25 a year to maintain the site. The first year is charged up front. The payment for each year in the future will be charged automatically once a year to continue running the site.
  2. 2 payments of $62.50. The first $62.50 will be charged up front to begin work. The second payment of $62.50 will be automatically charged next month, then stop.

To begin the project, pay both buttons now. This first button is a once a year charge for $25. It will automatically renew every year until cancelled.

This second button is for 2 payments of $62.50. To get the site started, pay this button for a charge of $62.50. It will automatically charge $62.50 next month, then stop.

The payment breakdown:
$62.50 Now
$62.50 Next month
$25 Once a year
$150 Total

If you wish to continue the site next year, simply continue to make the $25 a year auto-payment. This can be cancelled by you if you don’t wish to continue. Or, you can let me know, and I will cancel it.

Thank You for Your Business and the Opportunity to Help Country Auto Gain New Customers,