Guerrero Mexico Azalia

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Guerrero Mexico Azalia

Custom Website Created for You Fast, $200 – $600 USD


Do you need a website  for your business, but don’t know who you can trust to make it?

My name is Glen Woodfin and I’m the only person you’ll need to contact because I’ve been

developing websites, then getting them to the top of the search engines for over a decade.


What You Can Expect from Me


-Honesty – I find it’s better to tell it like it is up front

-You deserve an attractive site that you’ll be proud of. You’ll have that

-Speed – I’ll give you an assessment up front with timed estimate of completion

-Site will be responsive and mobile-friendly to look good on PCs, tablets & cell phones

-You can name your price and I’ll do everything I can to create a site in that price range

-Attention to detail. Good grammar and spelling. Photos will be optimized in Photoshop

-Want training, so you can put up written content, photos & videos at will? I’ll help you